Kiwanis Architecture was founded in 1983 and has been operational ever since.  We possess a wealth of experience that has been built up over the years which assists us to give our clients the best of service from the start of the project to the completion thereof.


We endeavour  to ensure that our clients can achieve their design ideas and fulfil their aspirations in terms of what they want to achieve regarding their design concepts and we assist them in every way possible by offering the following to our clients;


  • Interactive design process with the Client
  • Pricing that will achieve the desired purpose within the budget
  • Design process that is innovative and creative.
  • Complete and comprehensive documentation for the submission of plans to Council.
  • Offering advice and stressing problem areas.



Our Mission is to assist and conclude the planning and design phase of any project within the most efficient and cost effective way possible within the means of the client’s budget and to expedite the outcomes as soon as possible to the clients satisfaction that was commissioned for.


At Kiwanis Architecture we have the flexibility to offer our clients any of our services and products in various combinations to form an ideal solution. We are ever inspired to provide leading architectural solutions through our integrated services, customized to each individual client’s needs.


We are registered with the South African Council for the Architectural Profession (SACAP) as well as the South African Draughting Institute (SAID).




We offer the following range of services to our clients;image3


  • Domestic / Residential Architecture
  • Fenestration calculations
  • Retail and Commercial designs.
  • Project Planning and co-ordination.
  • Council Facilitation Services.  (Individuals to Council and preparation of all required documentation).
  • Heritage Foundation applications (Buildings older than 60 years).
  • Model building projects for presentations.


In addition to the above-mentioned service s we also offer additional services for the following;

  • image4Project Management:  Kiwanis can also be appointed to ensure that the contractor, consultants, suppliers, sub-contractors achieve their stated agreements throughout the duration of the project.
  • Procurement:   Once all planning requirements have been adhered to and the necessary permissions and approvals have been obtained, Kiwanis can be appointed to co-ordinate the Tender and builder selection process
  • Site Inspections: Clients may also appoint Kiwanis Architecture to conduct regular on-site inspections once construction starts. The service ensures that the construction process achieves the detail as outlined on all construction documentation and drawings



Our Areas of operation:

Although we cover the whole of Gauteng we mainly operate on the West Rand, greater Johannesburg, Sandton and Randburg areas.